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Top 5 best magnetic car phone holder

You’ve probably made countless playlists, downloaded your favourite podcasts, and set your maps to be offline if you’re getting ready for a road trip. Now, where is your phone, which houses all of these necessities? The finest magnetic car phone holder will give your phone a safe, conspicuous location without interfering with how you really drive. There are reliable phone mounts available for a comfortable ride, whether you like a magnetic or clamp-style holder that rests on your dashboard or fastens to a vent.

To choose our favourites, I tested ten various car phone mounts over the course of 3 weeks, grading each one on its use, stability, quality, and price.

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1. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount
Photo Credit: Tom’s Guide


It is intended for those who don’t want to attach anything to their vehicle.

Price: $33
Wireless Charging: No
Color: Black
Orientation: 360-degree
Compatability: Phones up to 3.5 inches wide
Type: Cup holder


  • The mount has a portrait and a landscape rotation.
  • Always keep the mount away from air vents, especially on extremely cold or hot days.
  • Your phone may be inserted into the mount with ease and removed with equal ease.


  • Your cup holder will be lost.
  • Some automobile designs may simply render this mount ineffective.
  • When not in use, this setup doesn’t make for very attractive viewing.

The TOPGO rotates to put your phone into portrait or landscape orientation, like all smart phone holders, making it ideal for navigation apps in particular. There is little danger of the phone moving unless you want it to because it is kept in place by three points. On uneven roads, the holder can move around a little, but it’s tough to prevent that given the way it’s designed.

Although it may not seem like the best place to keep your magnetic car phone holder, a cup holder really works surprisingly effectively. We discovered that this phone holder will hold your phone high enough so that it is clearly visible while also keeping it out of your line of sight thanks to its long neck and solid construction. Because your attention should be on the road and not on your WhatsApp chats.

2. Beam Electronics Universal Car Air Vent Holder

Beam Electronics Universal Car Air Vent Holder


The cradle has comfortable, adjustable jaws that are well-cushioned. It can accommodate phones ranging in width from 1.9″ to a whopping 3.7″ and holds phones securely—more firmly than the iOttie, in fact. Unfortunately, its mounting setup falls short.


  • It’s easy to insert your phone into the mount and just as easy to take it back out, too


  • Bad construction quality
  • Some vehicles might not be able to use vent mounts.
  • Does not provide phone stabilisation in rocky terrain


This mount has a ball-and-socket connection to the cradle and clamps to the slats of an inside air vent. The clamp has two tightness settings so it may be used with thicker and thinner slats.

If you can’t close the vent, you might restrict a lot of airflow and expose your phone to direct heat and cold. The mount may not function properly in vehicles with protruding trim elements. And some vehicles, such as more recent Audis, have no slats at all.

Even if it does fit, the magnetic car phone holder makes an assembly heavier than it should be for the job. It flopped around on our test Ford, flexing and covering a front-facing vent.

3. Best Suction Mount: Lusso Gear Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Best Suction Mount: Lusso Gear Magnetic Car Phone Mount


  • Neodymium magnet
  • Height-adjustable arm that can rotate 360 degrees
  • Reusable and free of gummy residue
  • Use the phone horizontally or vertically

What Is It Good For?:

Pick up the Lusso Gear Magnetic vehicle phone mount if you don’t want sticky residue on your car or prefer to affix your phone mount to the inside of your windscreen.

Customer Reviews:

On Amazon, there are not many reviews of this phone mount. The average rating is 3.5 out of 5.0 and there are little over 10 ratings. Even those who only give the product three stars say that the mount is simple to use and that there aren’t many complaints from those who submitted written reviews.

At least one individual complained that their phone could not be supported by the magnets. According to our tests, the magnets in the Lusso Gear vehicle phone mount are just as powerful as those in other magnetic car mounts, so if your phone is too heavy for this mount, you might need a cradle mount instead.

4. YOSH Magnetic Car Phone Holder

YOSH Magnetic Car Phone Mount


Price: $33
Wireless Charging: No
Color: Black
Orientation: 360-degree
Compatability: Phones up to 3.5 inches wide
Type: Cup holder


  • Since the magnets are powerful, your phone won’t fall out of the holder.
  • When not in use, it is virtually undetectable.
  • Multiple magnets are included in the box, allowing you to use it with two phones.


  • A vent for air will be lost.
  • Your phone cannot be charged in the mount, and magnets do not support MagSafe.
YOSH Magnetic Car Phone Mount

The market offers a variety of phone mounts for automobiles, from the most basic and understated holders to enormous MagSafe monsters. The Yosh Magnetic Car Mount is firmly positioned at the former end of that scale; it is compact, affordable, and only functions to house magnets.

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5. Most Installation Spots: JOYROOM Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Most Installation Spots: JOYROOM Magnetic Phone Mount


This product can withstand temperatures between -49.0°F and 289.0°F. This characteristic makes installation long-lasting and robust, even in the sunniest areas on your dash. This device promotes visibility and reduces blockage of the road thanks to the numerous installation sites and 360° adjustable connector ball.

Key Features:

  • Eight N52 high-powered magnets
  • 360° adjustable connector ball for adjustability
  • Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG, Nexus, and mini tablets
  • Most suitable for device models within 6.9 inches
  • 3M Adhesive Stickers for strong resistance
  • Various installation surfaces

What’s In The Box?

The JOYROOM automobile mount comes with an accessory kit as well. The kit comes with two metal plates, two protective films, one wet and dry wipe for surface application, and one 3M adhesive for reapplying the mount as it loses suction over time.

What it is good for?

If you want a cell phone mount that can be installed in a variety of locations and maintain adhesion for a long time, this is a good choice. The product is intended to hold and stay suctioned when installed properly using the alcohol wipes and allowed to sit idle for a few hours.

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