Best portable battery charger for car in 2023

Portable car battery charger can preserve a battery that isn’t commonly used or recharge a depleted battery. We researched and put to the test a number of the top automobile battery chargers so we could recommend the quickest, most dependable versions such as charge electric car battery with solar.

If used properly, a good charger can increase the lifespan of a car battery. Sulfation, a process where lead sulphate crystals accumulate on a battery’s surface and leave it useless, is prevented by maintaining your battery’s charge on a regular basis. Here is the list of best portable car battery chargers which I recommend:

DeWalt 30A car battery charger
DeWalt 30A charger

This simple-to-use jump starter and battery charger is ideal to have in your garage for routine upkeep or emergency use. It has straightforward push-button controls for charging, testing your alternator, and jump starting. Even a 120V outlet and USB port are included for using small appliances or charging mobile gadgets.

The LCD screen makes it simple to read the voltage and charging condition of your battery; no more peering at perplexing metres. There is a quick charge capability for those times when you need to quickly top off, and the 80A engine start mode can get you moving in around 60 seconds.


  • Alternator check
  • LCD screen
  • 120V Outlet USB Port


  • For some workplaces, a 6-foot power connection can be insufficient.
  • No Internal Battery

Black+Decker 6/12V portable battery charger for car

Black+Decker 6/12V charger
Black+Decker 6/12V charger

You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive tools to maintain your batteries on a regular basis. A $30 trickle charger from Black and Decker car battery charger is ideal for both 6V and 12V batteries, such as those in lawn mowers, motorbikes, and the majority of vehicles and trucks.

It may be safely and securely connected to the battery using clamps or rings, and a switch makes choosing the battery type you want to charge simple and quick. Additionally, it incorporates LED indication lights that let you know when the battery is fully charged and alert you about dangerously reversed connections.


  • Voltage Switch
  • 2 Connection Types
  • Compact Style


  • A dead automobile battery can require more than 40 hours to fully recharge.
  • No Engine Start

Everstart Maxx 15 amp portable battery charger for car

Everstart Maxx 15 amp charger
Everstart Maxx 15 amp charger

This charger/maintainer model is one that I personally possess, so I can state with certainty that it’s a fantastic option for users of all skill levels. It is simple to observe the charging status, cautions against reversed connections, and charging club car batteries mode settings on the backlit LCD panel.

Push-button controls make it quick and simple to test the alternator, jump start your car, check the battery voltage, and charge the battery. My ancient Chevy Cobalt’s battery needed almost three hours to recharge using the 15A quick charge option after being drained by an interior light.


  • Engine Start Mode
  • Quick Charge Mode
  • Alternator Check


  • Short Clamp Cords
  • Small Power Cord

Schumacher Electric DSR122 Pro-Series 275 amp charger

Schumacher Electric DSR122 ProSeries 275 amp charger
Schumacher Electric DSR122 ProSeries 275 amp charger

Schumacher 12v battery charger is for anyone with a heavy duty vehicle, such as a semi-truck or a car with a diesel engine, or anyone who owns and operates an auto repair business should use the Schumacher Electric Pro-Series battery charger. It offers a 4A trickle charge option, a 275A engine start mode, and a 15A fast-charging mode.


  • 17-foot power cable
  • Flash reprogramming
  • Memory saver mode


  • Not ideal for smaller garages

Everstart Maxx 1200 amp portable charger/air compressor

Everstart Maxx 1200 amp portable charger/air compressor

I myself possess smart car battery charger, and I always keep it in my car just in case. It contains a 500W power inverter for charging mobile devices and a 120 psi air compressor in case you have a flat while you’re out and about, in addition to being able to jumpstart your car and charge the battery.

It is portable and small enough to fit in the trunk of my Trailblazer thanks to the built-in handle. Push-button controls, an easy-to-read LCD screen, three USB ports, and a 120V outlet are all present. The battery clamp cords are a little on the short side, but because you can use the device without keeping it hooked into a wall, it’s not really a problem.


  • Includes an air compressor
  • Built-in handle
  • Power inverter


  • Short clamp cables
  • No trickle charge mode
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